Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breakfast in Bread...

Having trotted the globe, I have to admit that Ireland makes a good stab at their bread.

Varying from white, brown and mixed slice pan (left side images) to stone ground bread and my recent most favorite:  Fresh Honey and Spelt bread (sprinkled with sesame & sunflower seeds.) Delishimo!

It's freshly baked.
Crispy crusted.
Moist internal texture.
Not fluffy nor heavy or indigestible.

Mom's yearly visits usually involve her purchasing 16 spelt rolls from a bakery in our hometown and 16 spelt rolls being eaten before she left!  We'd forget all the latest tidbits on whole wheat bread and write a request for more spelt on her next trip:) Aren't mom's awesome!

To sample/purchase this delightful Spelt bread, please visit:
                                  or visit directly.
                                                No deliveries outside from Ireland available.

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You may wonder why on earth we are so enthralled by Spelt bread as opposed to Whole wheat.
According to several governmental authorities, wheat has  been channeled as the best source of grain known to man kind. Well...

For one...

The good news is that we DO need carbohydrate sources (YES! Say no to LOW or NO carbs!)
The bad news is that our bodies have only so much capacity for them. It's limited. We just can't eat so much of a good thing. :(
 This capacity varies from individual therefore some may respond well to a reduction and others to mixing their bread types.  Many of my own colleagues in the medical field still place the processed/refined wheat (even the BROWN versions) we consume in tonnes everyday as a main source of grain. Possibly you do too! However refined wheat  is more of a burden than a help.

The majority is excerpted from
(skip to the TAKE HOME MESSAGE below if science is not for you)

From a cellular level, the excess carbs are usually stored as adipose tissue/fat aka muffin tops. Fruit, Vegetables & milk (not all diary) are classified as a carbohydrates therefore by monitoring your consumption level of carbohydrates, your body should react more efficiently by turning into a fat burning machine.

Meals or snacks 'high in carbohydrates [generate] a rapid rise in blood glucose (sugar). To compensate for this increase, the pancreas secretes insulin into the bloodstream, which lowers the glucose. Insulin, though, is essentially a hormone that stores excess carbohydrate calories (as fat in the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks) in case of famine. Even worse, high insulin levels suppress two other important hormones: glucagon and human growth hormone, which regulate the burning of fat and promote muscle development, respectively.
So, the insulin from excess carbohydrates promotes fat, then inhibits the body’s ability to lose that fat.'

This is a link briefly explains what sprouted is...


1. Carbohydrate examples: Bread, Pasta, Potatoes, Cassava, Muffins, Cookies, Crisps/Potato chips, Couscous, Fruit, Vegetables, Sugar, Greekstyle yogurt (not normal plain yogurt as the lactose levels are not as high), Dairy milk.
2. Being aware of Glycemic levels is key. Slower releasing carbohydrates are healthier in the long run.
3. You can eat sugar but eat the unrefined sugars in small quantities such as Coconut nectar/Palm sugar (tastes like cotton candy!), Maple syrup, Honey, Strevia (and not Truvia), Xylitol, to name a few.
4. If you can't live without wholewheat, choose SPROUTED WHEAT. It is the best choice. More nutritious for you. Other breads with lower gluten levels are spelt, rye, oats, barley, rice, for example.
5. Bake with flours such as rice flour, tapioca flour, spelt flour, coconut flour as they are healthier alternatives and more nutritious.
6. If you're missing sodas, I am putting down links below for Stevia Drops which are naturally flavored liquidized stevia which can be great substitutes in sparkling water or milk. Also cold sweetened fruit flavored teas are also quite refreshing.
7. Start changes little by little rather than all at once.

In the US:

In Europe:

UK Option 1. Everfresh Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread 400g by Sunnyvale
UK Option 2.

Ireland Option 1: Down to Earth Health store on South Georges Street, Dublin
Ireland Option 2: Blazing Salads or order the cookbook on amazon.

In France:,8679,11,127,360.htm
(Le Pain ble germe)

In Australia:

In South Africa:

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