Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good morning my lovelies... we say in French.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Philippa W.
I'm 30. Female. Continuously curious about life, love & enjoyment!

I decided to create this blog out of necessity! Countless times I had found myself disappointed for MISSING out on fabulous websites with items I desired. By the time I got to the sites or heard about them, the items were either out of stock or the store/restaurant was out of business. (I have been finding that during our poor economic times, this has doubled! Yuck.) 

So as retaliation and a will to never MISS out on the latest biz, item, single men (hehe), you name it...

I want this blog to be a one stop access point for women who want top sources of useful information.  You will also find links to safe WORTHY shopping sites in the US, Canada,  Europe and various international localities.
Other than having my husband joke that my mini hp laptop is my 'second lover' - I have to admit that I spend hours searching for good guides/advice on fashion, specific hair care, cooking, natural living (to say the least!). I am also learning how to keep the balance right with my beliefs and trainee profession in Psychiatry. (I am a board certified MD in the UK/Ireland).

With all this information and several family members & friends asking to know more, this blog had to be created!

 So to get us started...

I want to know where you are at. What information you are looking for? What's on your mind? My goal is to regularly update my blog with thorough answers to your issues/questions. I want this website to be interactive and for each visitor to leave feeling that they've learned something new from an international perspective. 


*For those seeking LIVE professional Psychiatric/Counseling support in the area of RELATIONSHIPS, I will be happy to correspond privately for a suggested donation of $5 per email. Please leave a comment below stating that you would like to chat.

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