Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oh babble away....

It sure has been a while since I last blogged. Most of the time, I'd say it's excuses. Other times, what can I say - I'm not used to writing a diary as I did as a child?! (sheepish grin) Blogs seem to be memoirs or daily babbles. Do you really want to hear of my very adventurous few weeks?!

I'm in love with my Hybrid bike. Yes, I love my husband - of course I do and so does he! He even tried to embarrass me on our grocery trek saying that I'd not made enough love to him in the last 3 days! This of course was when about 8 other people could hear his loud voice. Charming my love! My bike and I are getting to know each other better. I've learned the secret of those many male ego'd cyclists who have been trying to overtake me for the last few weeks - the gears! As a novice, I stuck to Gear 2-3. That didn't give me much speed and a friendly cyclist slowed down one day to hint that speed requires WAY higher gears! So yesterday, I decided to take my chances. Got my hubby to heighten my seat and I went to gears 3-6. The highest on my bike. AMAZING! I can't believe I never tasted this kind of sex before! No more pains in the thighs and oh! How awesome I felt! I can't believe that 7 weeks has passed and I stuck to painfully slow gearing...tsk! Women! So, as I've been cycling away, I've also discovered cycling accessories! Wow, can they become an new obsession or what. I bought these:
but they seem way cooler in the picture. I have placed one in my front wheel. It's ok. Nothing special! I'll probably sell the rest on ebay. Was also looking at helmets. I'd say the Snow Helmets are actually cuter. The cone shaped huge air vented helmets are simply weird in my opinion. It really is a look I will NOT be taking!
Anyway....I have to re-echo that I LOVE MY HYBRID!

Have been doing a bit of shopping over the last few weeks...received a new wide IV GHD styler and also a Huetiful steamer. The steamer is good but sometimes I ask myself is it really all that...? I've used it twice and can't see how it makes any difference to being under a hot dry hooded dryer with a cap and your conditioner or oil underneath. It is said that it increases the moisture retention abot 3-4 x more than a hooded dryers and also, I guess I can agree helps one skin. I'll keep trying but I find it's the products one uses and the way you dry your hair which results in the outcome of your hair. As a matter of fact, I am currently under my portable hooded dryer and have rollers and a net on. Hair feels smooth. The tip I used was from 'Hair Grow already.' I used a water based leave in spray than added a serum all over. Then parted in my hair into 3 sections making the middle look like a mohawk. From there I took about 1 inch sections sprayed some plain water and put a bit of serum on the hair. Even before going under the dryer and taking one roller down, I noticed a better and smoother curled hair. Praying that it will turn out right! YEAH! Another 13 mins left.

I've also found a new comedy love: Awkward Black girl on youtube by Issa Rae. I absolutely laugh my head off whenever I watch it! Has anyone else seen it? It's truly the bomb. I think this is one funny clip for anyone who wants to see it...Harlem Shake: :... Season 1 Episode1 is accessible all the way to the Finale Season 2 part 1. The last episode is coming up on the 28th of February! Really looking forward to it!

In relation to food...Food of course is very special in my life and that desire has led me to make a new Japanese cooking We've never met in person. I simply was looking for Japanese food to help with my weight. The Katsu chicken and Chives & scramble eggs are absolutely delicious and authentically Japanese. We've struck a good friendship and she's sharing food tips and ideas. Got to love it! If there is anyone who is good at Japanese cooking, drop me a line. I really love healthy ideas. I buy everything even if it has to be shipped!

Work is ok. However Child Psychiatry is not for me. We are literally coaching parents to be better because their kids are the outcome of their parenting on many occasions. I don't want to say 'bad' parenting because some moms and dads are products of their own circumstances. It's simply sad to see the number of vulnerable people walk into our offices and think we have the ultimate cure. It's truly sad. That's why the oldies are still for me. Can't see myself doing anything more or less. Hoping to do it once we move from Ireland. Really pray for an open door in the coming future. We are moving things along and truly I hope that it will come in the next two years. I still have 4 exams to complete and my hubby has 3. The months are flying I have to say but it's great to not be on call. Wondering where I am next. Hoping a non-call related job!

Just has heated Russian dried goodness too much MSG - will be going out in the trash tomorrow! Buerk!

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