Thursday, April 11, 2013


Wow, what a day.
I'm here studying (or trying rather) to focus but DIY items and my ebay selling site (look at my previous blog) are more interesting. I did have a fabulous cycle into town today! I believe I spent 2 hours total from home, shops and back! Does anyone have any tricks to stay focused on the things you really don't want to be doing....discipline yes, but when you've already been through med. school, it's time to relax the brain a little...(that's what I had hoped! ha!)

I picked up some nice faux suede summer sandals and perfect fitting jeans for E8! Didn't even try them in store, just had one of those hunches! Think online shopping does that to a person over time!

For the last hour (when taking breaks) I discovered something rather fascinating...
DIY for clutch bags, DIY to make bloomers and so on!
I LOVE DIY and I think I never mentioned that I own a CRICUT machine! We used it to make our wedding favors/invitations/thank you cards. Tres Chic to say the least!
From this evening - the thought of buying a Serger machine on Ebay and a $27 well recommended sewing machine on are truly on my priority list but first, of paying off our debts..hmmmm...
ON second's rather MY debts. My husband hardly knows what to do with cash:) Typical hehe x
It could be wiped clean in about 2 months but I have to be quite stringent with myself.
On Tuesday, spoke with my bank and I am to officially open a shopping account. We have a joint account so this is my one to maintain sanity and allow for us to save. We equally have to save for our holiday to the inlaws in July so, I know I have to cool it! However, writing down the ideas is probably my best bet. A challenge in itself but I will do it!
I have a few pending etsy items to pay for (custom made and waiting on me), 4 real suede clutch bags on ebay, a US$90 Ice cream maker and my items in storage (about 30 to be shipped). I have a tendency to use quite a bit, but it's FABULOUS and trustworthy! Truly check it out!
In the meantime, I am awaiting my mini mannequin to help me sell more items and display to chic perfection!

Keep beautiful ladies x

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