Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh my oh my!

(Press play to enjoy...) 

Oh my! Where is the time going! I was meant to be studying....
But I just found the following...
A few months ago, while browsing youtube for hair ideas, I discovered 'faux ponytails.' Never thought of doing one as I'm not your usual hair extension girl however my hair has been cropped and growing it back with thickness is taking some time. So, today, I ventured back to youtube and found this link:
Cute eh?

Well, my beloved Aliexpress has done it again and instead of paying $50, you can pay for the real deal for less than $15.
YEAH! Straight and curly pieces! Exciting.
The free flowing hair piece is the secret to the ones on Hairdo. What YOU can also find is the same things but for under $5 as well! ( I chose the $8 one, feel it's more reasonable than going too cheap...)

Another exciting find is to type in: zz BAG in the main search menu bar. Happy Shopping ladies x
This is cute: (MaoMao anyone?)

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