Saturday, April 6, 2013

Something amazing....

There is something amazing about being on leave from work in Spring. Warmer days, more joyful bike rides, lighter colors and less clutter!
 We cleaned out the house and now, it's just my drawers to be arranged. I see so many dark colors in my closet. Goodness! I've been contemplating on getting rid of more and giving to a charity again! Did it last month and looking forward to doing it again! I have many things (I will admit) but I think most of the bits are from my trial times. I like searching and trying new things. I don't think I could have it any other way. However, as a result, there is much bought and much unused - depending on whether I like the item or saw something else I like. If things were as simple as my husband's wardrobe and possessions, I could see happiness in little but would always wonder what if:) So, trying to get that balance right!
Anyone know of how to reduce undue clutter? Shop less per month? Buy one (however the item could finish quickly - have experienced that a few times!)

I've been doing more pampering and eating less these days. I've had it with dieting. Just eat less and don't feel guilty for overindulging! Simple.
Drinking so much more water and with the use of our new Eva Water Filtering System! Truly worth it!
Buy and see how soft water can really be! (Add a lemon or two and drink drink drink!)
I'm also using less on my face and moisturized with 2 drops of Rosa Mosqueta oil. I don't have acne but do have little bumps on my face.
Bought this  facial soap:
My face feels really soft and less bumpy. With the water intake, my face is looking more clear. Happy me!

I also deep conditioned (DC) my hair a great deal on Thursday but used Castor oil as part of my M&S (moisturize and seal) technique. Boy, my hair is very itchy. Think it's better to be used as part of my DC instead of on hair alone. That's me DC-ing my hair again tonight! Yeah! I love washing my hair and would do it everyday if I could however I lose a great deal during shampooing. The good news though is that I have less broken hairs and see more of my husband's hair on the bathroom floor than mine! Go me, once again:)

I've been looking at many accessories (jewelry, hats, belts, bags!) & of course, Sandals for the Summer! I have been inspired by Truly awesome clothing combinations by women out there! I now see a new reason to be inventive and of course shop more! Ha! I have my list ready for the end of the month already!

Belts: (Sash Belt)
I really love these kimono belts (I have of these already!) However using them more creatively is new to me this month! They don't seem to have the softer leather available anymore but they can be found if the need is there!)

Wood is hot! Leather, Brass & Feathers too!

The beauty with etsy is that you can have the items custom made. I have a tendency towards a darker metal chain instead of gold and silver. (Brass and leather are on my top list!) ( The red is gorgeous!)

Feather earrings
I was looking for peacock and various colored feather earrings.

Clutches mainly (This store sells Zara items cheap!)
Zara items are also here (along with Mango and I  believe Estee Lauder items):

 Red, blue, kakhi and white summer hats.
Where else?:)  I love Aliexpress because you can get what you want at wholesale prices! There is such a huge selection!

Sandals: to continue with my research x

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