Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's missing...memoirs from Dec 2012.

There are countless ways available to change your mind, your thoughts,your outlook in life. There are multiple options available which can be quite daunting to get your mind around. Many people find themselves going nowhere in the end. Being in Psychiatry, we work with Psychologists and Social Workers quite frequently and the response to 'Can a person be helped?' would be ' To a certain degree.'  This is not to negate my fields expertize nor a call for abandoning the Mental Health World. It simply is based on the fact that despite one's knowledge in an area, every person/patient comes in with a unique story and perspective in life. At times the stories could appear quite similar and one could wonder if  it was only the Alcoholics, & Suicidal/Self harming victims visiting the Emergency department (A&E) on a given night. However, by digging deeper, the actions exemplified by each individual seeking help are a revelation of a particular need  in human nature. You may ask what is it?
I'll tell you a little story...(another time...:)

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