Thursday, April 18, 2013


Man I love craft. Craft work, crafting, craft.
I've been thinking of opening a store on etsy and using my skills, cricut machine, paper, rubber stamps, washi tapes, corner cutters and the whole box of items I have in sell cards & gift wrapping ideas. I've been thinking of purchasing a serger to make underwear too but that will be my next dream to execute in a few months time:)
For now, I will keep to the smaller craft items while we save for a family trip this summer:)

Today I found this pretty neat site to make my own rubber stamps...
It's pretty cool with ideas and since I find that I'm looking for certain words or images which are hard to find online/shops, why not make my own! I also found this store for low priced craft tools:
Really like that store too. Well worth browsing over the next few weeks.  I believe a rubber stamp makes all the difference. My most recent favorite is a 'THANK YOU' I got from a craft store in Belfast. I'll add the photo alittle's truly super handy and chic on its own.

What do you guys think?

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